Trauma Types Graphs (all ages)

The Trauma and Behavioral Health Screen is unique in part due to its Traumatic Events Page, which assesses the traumatic event history of the child. This page has proved invaluable to caseworkers and clinicians who may not know all of the traumatic events that have happened to the child. Explore the frequency of traumatic event types across age and region.

Data-Based Conclusions


PTSD is extremely prevalent in the LA child welfare population. Depending on the age group, 7% to 37% of this demographic are likely to have PTSD. 


Caregivers and children tend to endorse different symptoms—emphasizing the necessity to complete two different screens. 


Internalizing and externalizing problems also appear in this population more than in the general population.

How can I help or get help?

It is important for the well-being of youths to screen for and identify PTSD so that they can get timely treatment.

Use the Trauma and Behavioral Health (TBH) screen to assess for PTSD in children.

Use our directory to find clinicians trained in Youth PTSD Treatment.

Enroll in our online PTSD training course. If you are a licensed clinician, you may be eligible to receive CEUs.