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This directory lists over 400 individuals that we trained across Louisiana to provide cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Training was based on Dr. Scheeringa's Preschool PTSD Treatment (PPT) and/or Youth PTSD Treatment (YPT) protocols. In order for you to judge the level of expertise, we listed them in terms of whether they achieved the full, optimal training (Advanced Training), medium-level of training (Basic Training), or minimal training (One-Day Training)

  • Advanced Training
    Indicates clinicians who received the 1-day training plus participated in weekly consultation calls during which the consultant monitored their case through at least 7 of the 12 sessions in the manualized PPT or YPT protocols.  Advanced Training is the only level that we consider certified for providing PPT or YPT.

  • Basic Training
    Indicates clinicians who received the 1-day training, plus attended at least 5 weekly consultation calls during which other clinicians discussed their cases being treated with the PPT or YPT protocols. These clinicians did not receive weekly consultation on their own cases.

  • One-Day Training Only
    Indicates clinicians who received the 1-day training but did not opt to participate in the weekly consultation calls.

In the Credentials search box below, use the drop down menu to select PPT Advanced, YPT Advanced, PPT Basic, YPT Basic, or One-Day Training. Searches can be combined with the Insurance, Age Range, and Address search boxes to narrow your results.

To find clinicians who offer therapy in Spanish, who may or may not have been trained in trauma-focused therapy by Tulane University, use our Spanish-Speaking Provider List.

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  • Provider
    Training Level

  • 300 S 1st St
    Suite 303
    Leesville, LA 71446

    1751 Jackson St
    Alexandria, LA 71301

    5615 D Jackson St
    Alexandria, LA 71303

    3500 Government St
    Alexandria, LA 71302

    710 Versailles Blvd
    Alexandria, LA 71303